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Wind Farm Grants
Posted on : 22nd November 2012

Scottish Hydro Clyde (Dumfries & Galloway) Community Fund is open for grant applications for constituted not for profit groups and organisations.

Groups can apply for either up to £3000 or up to £12,000. Applications will be considered from constituted not-for-profit community groups and organisations and registered charities working to benefit people in the Thornhill area.

All applications must be made to the Community Council in the first instance. The deadline for the current round of applications is January 11th.

Groups wishing to apply for more than £12,000 must first submit an initial proposal to the Community Council for review. Approved applications that are complete and fulfil all of the relevant criteria will then be forwarded to Scottish Community Foundation for consideration.

The following criteria are set by the Scottish Community Foundation. Applications must be vetted by Thornhill Community Council to ensure that this criteria has been met.

1. Group or organisation applying must be constituted
2. Must be a not for profit organisation or registered charity (Note that organisations do not need to be registered charities to apply)
3. Projects applied for must benefit people of the Thornhill Community
4. Cannot be for the advancement of religion or party politics.
5. Activities that are the statutory responsibility of statutory authorities will not be funded
6. Activities contrary to the interests of SSE or its subsidiaries cannot be considered
7. Anti – renewable energy/wind farm activities cannot be considered
8. 8. Retrospective funding ( i.e. paying for costs incurred before a decision on an application for support from the Fund can be made.) cannot be considered
9. No costs towards any element of foreign travel unless recognised as a twin town
10. Costs towards energy consumption are not considered
11. Activities likely to bring the Scottish Community Foundation, SSE or its subsidiaries into disrepute are not considered.
12. Applications must be complete and include a copy of the constitution and accounts

Application forms can be downloaded from

Completed application forms can be given to members of the Thornhill Community Council Wind Farm Sub Committee. We are happy to assist with applications and to answer any queries.


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