Wallace Hall Primary

An HMIe report on Wallace Hall Primary from September 2009 confirmed that pupils receive a very good education at all levels.

Since the report’s publication, we have been fortunate enough to include in the school a nursery class, which opened in August 2010, and now we cater for all pupils in the catchment area from ages 3 to 11 years. Our curriculum is developing around the Curriculum for Excellence in line with the Scottish Government’s wishes. What is this?

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is the Scottish Government’s response to the needs of a fast and ever changing world. Its aim is to build children and young people who will be Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens. These are known as the 4 Capacities and are embedded in the experiences and outcomes through which our pupils will learn during their time in Wallace Hall Primary.

Through CfE, we aim to raise standards, improve knowledge , focus on the learner, make learning more relevant and develop transferrable skills from school and the work place. It is a curriculum which charts a child’s learning journey from 3 to 18 years and, hopefully encourages lifelong learning.

We have been very fortunate as, in February 2010, we moved into our brand new school which has further enabled us to pursue the above ideals through , for example , having greater space for active learning, well proportioned classrooms and fully equipped Games Hall.

A very active Parent Council who provide a strong link for the school with the rest of the parent body and wider community running such events as a Christmas Fair other fun and fund raising events throughout the year. They are also very active in campaigning for school improvements with various council departments. Committed and interested parents, compliment our work with the pupils and this leads to strong home/school links to the benefit of the children.

Pupils at Wallace Hall Primary are well placed to develop their full potential and become tomorrow’s citizens.

Further information on Wallace Hall Primary can be found by telephoning 01848 332140 or by contacting us through e-mail on

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