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Community Council Digest September 2012
Posted on : 12th October 2012

Police items:

  • Vandalism of car, also breaking of window in West Morton Street:  suspect apprehended
  • Housebreaking outside Thornhill:  not detected yet;  public vigilance urged, especially in regard to heating oil.
  • Break in at Spar:  this had been a regionwide series of crimes, covering Castle Douglas, Gatehouse, Annan etc.  Suspects, thought to be from NE England, apprehended.
  • RT Offences:  some FPNs issued for lighting offences, seat belts, use of mobile, but relatively few.
  • 8x ASB items, mostly to do with former WHA site.  Police supposed not to enter site (mainly because of asbestos), but have been doing so.  One officer, however, recently doing so, tripped on something and dislocated his shoulder, so Police will definitely not be entering the site now.
  • Stone thrown at a man working in a garden in Queensberry Brae area, hitting him on the head.  Distressing incident, requiring visit to Health Centre to be patched up;  could have been much more dangerous.  Suspected youths interviewed, but denied it and no other evidence.
  • Hanging basket also removed from Robert Wilson’s premises;  not detected.
  • Comm Ctr play area covered in broken glass.  Police still patrol there regularly;  will continue to do so and keep eye out for glass.
  • 2 large camper vans are parked in East Morton Street.  A number of complaints received about these, but they are legally parked, properly taxed etc.  Police acknowledge that they are making access tight for school buses etc., but nothing can be done.


  • Pollarding:  All satisfactorily completed, despite some complaints;  trees growing back well;  vegetation round bases of some growing back more than wished;  will need attention soon.
  • Bus shelter bins not arrived yet;  Cllr JD will chase again.
  • Weeds round Drumlanrig Street:  DK will chase again.
  • Weeds in other streets round village:  D&GC started spraying, but were rained off and have not returned.  Cllr JD will chase.
  • Silting up round street rainwater drains etc.
  • Planters:  LM still chasing;  Cllr JD will chase also.
  • West Morton Street triangular bed.  Subsidence still a problem.  Thought to be cellar of house formerly on that site gradually collapsing. DGHP had tidied bed up a bit, but most plants/shrubs in there well past their best.  Cllr JD will fix up meeting with DGHP to get matter fixed properly.
  • Still no dog poop bin at Hospital Brae.  Cllr JD will chase up.
  • NHS:  Helen Tucker has produced excellent and comprehensive report, released late August and copies distributed. Public Meetings on findings of  report planned for October.
  • NHS D&G has indicated that proposed new DGRI would have capacity of ~220 beds, so it seems they will need the capacity of Community Hospitals.
  • Mrs Adam’s Legacy:  A survey of the Duke William Building and the Janitor’s House is to take place this coming Wednesday.
  • Homer Young, Architect & Designer, is coming to look as well and come up with some design ideas.
  • Recommended that Steering Group should invite someone from Thornhill Arts on to the Group.
  • Windfarms:  Clyde Group met in Moffat at end of August.  All applications (just over £10k worth) originating from Thornhill had been approved.  Noted that a number of applications from Moffat had to be abated and one or two refused altogether.  These had got into the system somehow by passing Moffat CC, so more applications than there was funding.  All WF Grant Applications must come through CC.  Details on Thornhill Website.
  • Tattoo on track.
  • Gala:  First CC meeting since this took place.  All agreed that it had been brilliant and very high public appreciation.  Had been fairly lucky with the weather. CC’s grateful thanks and appreciation to all involved, especially DS, Doug Bowie, Sara Bain and John Smartt.
  • Christmas Shopping Night 2012 will be looked into by new CC in/after October.
  • Community Centre Playpark: £9,995 granted by D&GC (thanks to efforts of Cllr JD & GD). JB will make arrangements to get equipment etc. ordered;  Cllr JD will also speak to DG First about getting whole area power-washed etc;  official re-opening in Spring.
  • Thornhill Abbeyfield Home.  Much local concern and resentment that money was raised here to build it and fear that Abbeyfield Scotland likely to sell Thornhill premises and keep money themselves. DW had written to  Abbeyfield, and their eventual response was very vague. CC will continue to pursue, but  not looking hopeful, at present.
  • Community Council Elections/Statutory Meeting No election, as such, since there are sufficient places for all those standing.  Quite a good turnout, though, since some other  CCs struggling to get quorum. Statutory Meeting will be on 15/10/2012 at 7.15pm in Friendship Club.  DK retiring, due to family commitments, but has much enjoyed time on CC;  pays tribute to all those who contribute to the work of the CC, especially DW, and wishes the CC continuing success.

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