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Community Council Digest May 2012
Posted on : 6th June 2012
  • DGHP have tidied up raised bed at corner of W Morton St/Townhead St, but pavement has now started to break up in that area.  Cllrs JD & GD will pursue with DG First.
  • Further to reports of litter problem in lay-by s. of Thornhill on A76, Cllr JD reports he has contacted John Withers of Transport Scotland, who will issue necessary instructions to Amey.
  • Dog Fouling:  Police have liaised with Peter Clingan, D&GC’s Enforcement Officer.  Problem areas will be monitored.
  • Youths accessing old WHA site still a problem.  Police are responding so far as possible, given asbestos on site and D&GC’s inability to  keep site secure.
  • Police also continuing to monitor Comm Ctr area.  Hoping to deploy mobile CCTV shortly.
  • Old WHA site:  It is believed that Buccleuch have warrant to demolish but missives still not properly concluded.  Cllr JD reckons should, however, be started by July, as money from Scottish Government (to DGHP, who will develop site) contingent on this being done.
  • Our concerns (see previous Minutes) re inadequacies of DGHP’s consultation have been responded to.  DGHP state that over 70 people attended, which they considered a good turnout, and that overall response was positive, but that they are now awaiting Planning Department feedback
  • A number of Members of the CC had met the Comm Centre Committee on 30 April To that end, a Joint Steering Group has been set up, consisting of 2x CCC members (Carole McGregor and Mary Ann Lethardy);  2x CC Members (DW or DK and JB);  1x Scouts Representative (John Maxwell);  1x WHA representative (Pat Kirby) and Ed Hunter.
  • First, both architects and surveyors are needed to cost the various proposals, after which we can see what might be possible.  Proposed – and agreed – to devote up to £4,000 to instructing these reports.
  • Windfarm Monies:  Publicity poster received, from Clyde Windfarm, inviting grant applications from public at large (as well as Community Councils).  Poster, however, a bit misleading.  Procedure seems to be that groups/individuals can make application (forms to be downloaded and placed in Library, for those who cannot access them via Website) and submitted to CC for approval (undefined, at present) and forwarding on to Administrators, who will meet twice yearly.
  • CCs will also get £1,000/yr for ‘Micro-grants’, which we can decide on without reference to anyone else.
  • Gala 2012:  Arrangements proceeding well and include a Jubilee Day party in the grounds of the Community Centre from 12.00 on Tuesday, 5 June. Cost of this estimated to be about £350 and it was agreed to grant the Gala Committee this sum to cover costs.
  • Gala Committee are now lined up to publicise all their activities by the Website.
  • The CC’s appreciation of all the Gala Committee is doing was recorded.
  • Day of the Region:  Gala Committee had looked into taking this on, after CC came to the conclusion that it would be too much paperwork.  Gala Committee had come to the same conclusion.  They were happy to help with the organisation of any activities, but felt that actual involvement in Day of the Region activities would be too bureaucratic.
  • TattooProgressing satisfactorily.  Funding grant application to be made to Area Committee.
  • Crichope Linn:  SJ meeting with Richard Masters of D&GC tomorrow, to see what, if anything, could be done.
  • Communication:  Agreement in principle has been arrived at with a local business for the siting of an electronic display board in an available window.
  • Playpark Equipment:  Nothing further had been heard about this.  DK & Cllr JD will investigate.
  • Queensberry Initiative:  Agreed to grant £300 to QI, following their earlier request and Pat Kirby’s presentation on its work some months ago.
  • British Legion:  Local Branch are hosting a cyclist, raising money for Cycling for Heroes, and who will be passing through Thornhill on Thursday, 24/05/2012 at about 4pm.  British Legion are to hand over a cheque for £1,000 and request £100 from CC to fund reception and catering.
  • Next Meeting (which will be AGM), Monday, 18 June, 2012;  7.15pm in the Friendship Club

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