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Community Council Digest April 2012
Posted on : 8th May 2012
  • Tree pruning:  trees now in bud;  postponed till June and intimated on Website and Notice Board.
  • Windfarm/mast applications at High Auldgirth:  letters of representation submitted, as previously agreed.
  • DGHP/former WHA site:  Concern expressed at short notice of consultation event (Friday, 13 April);  that much of it was during the day;  not much publicity for it and held during school holidays when many away.  We had already made representations about this to DGHP;  may give opportunity to ask for a further such event at more suitable notice and time. Also concerns re traffic, access, quality of housing proposed and numbers of potential children, given that schools already nearly full.  Also that DGHP don’t have money for the proposed Manse Rd bungalows yet:  potentially unfinished site and concern re lack of a pavement in Manse Road.
  • Queensberry Brae Development:  This had been recommended for refusal, but Planning Committee had granted it. Grant had been made in accordance with Sc Govt’s new rules on simplification of the Planning Process.  This site had been identified for development on the current Local Plan, so grant was not a major departure from Planning policy.  Possibly more about this later.
  • Tattoo 2012:  Also proceeding satisfactorily.  Seeking sponsorship at present.
  • Crichope Linn:  D&GC had confirmed that no money available for this, but would be willing to look at it with us and give advice.  Current view is that there are a number of very dangerous points on it, which would require major work to make safe.  Next move is get D&GC’s advice but, quite possibly, nothing can be done about the route.
  • Tennis Courts:  Approach from a member of the public, to do with putting the tennis courts beyond the bowling green back in order.  In fact, this ground had been sold off by D&GC to private owners some time ago, because of difficulty in sustaining interest in them, and because they are so difficult of access.
  • Some difficulties with existing Noticeboard;  TT staff reporting some difficulty policing what can go on it and what not.  Acknowledged that this should not be something that TT staff have to do.
  • Website:  CC is doing a fair amount of posting on it, as are some others.  Main difficulty is to get Website known about.  Trying to source publicity stickers, but it’s proving a slow process.
  • CC is also now on Facebook (as ’Thornhill, Dumfriesshire’)
  • Day of the Region:  Group had met and, to a very short deadline, drafted and submitted a proposal to Leader for grant assistance for this.  A number of organisations had expressed some interest in taking part.  Leader had raised an enormous number of observations, queries and requirements, all to be satisfied by 19 April.  Existing group, and CC felt too much being asked of people who were all volunteers and no-one prepared to take on job. Given the interest shown by other organisations, perhaps such events might either be tacked on to a future Gala (present one to soon), or Tattoo.  Day of Region reluctantly abandoned meantime.
  • Hanging Baskets:  Businesses in Drumlanrig Street and E&W Morton Streets have been approached.    Deadline for replies:  28 April.
  • Winter Resilience:  equipment has finally arrived  We will meet with volunteers in due course and divvy up what goes where There will, be a phone number which people can use to contact us, and system worked out for routine gritting and for allowing people to borrow equipment.  Needs to be made clear that we are not offering a path clearing service for individuals.
  • Community Centre Playpark:  Problem with broken glass on a recurring basis.  Grounds Maintenance would deal with this as part of the grass cutting schedule, but would not specifically attend to deal with this.  Nor would roadsweepers/litterpickers who, in any event, are employed by Amey.  We will ask Police to place mobile CCTV there for a while.
  • Streetsweeping:  We will approach Amey to propose improvements. Litter is generally picked up effectively and our local litterpicker, Craig, is considered to be much more conscientious than others operating elsewhere, but cigarette butts remain a problem.  Some discussion of whether the CC might buy a mechanical sweeper, but it would need trained volunteers to operate it.
  • Flower bed at the top of W Morton Street.  DGHP had tidied this up last year, but shrubs now appear to be dead or dying and more attention needed.
  • Weeds etc., in and about Drumlanrig Street need attention.
  • Full Minutes of previous (March) meeting now, or shortly, on Website and in Library;  full Minutes of April meeting will be published shortly after May meeting.

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